Who says
a clear message
has to be BORING?…



display ∙ exhibition

concept ∙ design ∙ styling

Who says
a clear message
has to be


storytelling atelier expowise standontwerp styling display tentoonstelling beursstand showroom experience beleving productpresentatie exhibition booth

display ∙ exhibition

concept ∙ design ∙ styling

Your corporate story turned into an experience!

A booth or product presentation for your company: you want someone to transform your message into a tangible setting. 

Are you looking for a conceptual designer

  • with a genuine interest in the characteristics of your company
  • who can deliver coherent and imaginative ideas and drafts
  • and who will always transform your message into effective and engaging spatial design

Well, now you have found the perfect match!

Call me or send an email to arrange a meeting and let’s create spaces where your corporate identity becomes an experience…




expowise is the partner for:

Communication agencies in need of:

  • spatial designs that are a perfect fit for your communication strategy
  • consultancy and support for delivery and implementation of three-dimensional exhibits

PR & communication managers of companies who:

  • define their own communication policies and only need of a spatial designer who can help them develop their exhibition booth, showroom or any other kind of corporate exhibition
  • want independent advice and/or professional support for the realisation of any area where the corporate identity needs to be leading

Exhibition/Trade show construction companies:   

  • design: concept, mood board, drafts and rendering
  • booth styling
  • project & service delivery management


Expowise makes booth and exhibition designs for the majority of GREENN’s custumers that join the Holland pavillions abroad organized by GREENN. Expowise made a animated preview for an upcoming exhibition to get in the mood.


Who is the driving force behind expowise…?

Expowise is me: Jessica Wijsenbeek, a freelance spatial and conceptual designer.
I studied theatre design at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU). However, I like to be a bit out of the ordinary which made me decide to use my training in theatre design differently than expected. Instead of a career in the theatre I entered the world of commercial art and design. After twenty years of experience in retail design, stand and exhibition design and in event design for public spaces etc. I now know that this kind of design covers my area of interest. My theatre design education has appeared to be essential for creating powerful ‘story telling designs’.

It’s great when a client comments: now that I have seen the design, I realize this is exactly what I had in mind, but couldn’t visualize!

Do you need a turnkey project?   No problem!

I work with two ‘partners in business’ for project mangement and building:
Maaike Koop of GREENN and Evelien te Boekhorst of Emilio Expo.

  • because we regularly work together we can communicate efficiently (ánd therefore cost effectively) and this is exactly what it takes to realize the perfect presentation for your company
  • a booth, reception, showroom or event…we make it work!
  • we love to work with and for nice people which results in awesome projects!


Imagine: a unique and personalized object as a give-away for your visitors and relations…

3D PRINTING? Expowise works for and with 3D printing.nl.
3D printing strongly beliefs in personalized and 3D communication. To make your own creations tangible by the newest 3D and printing techniques is the best way to communicate.


www.3D printing.nl