Branding for new line in contract furniture


Branding for new line in furniture

The assignment was to develop a logo and a corresponding corporate identity for the launch of a new line of flexible contract furniture/office furniture. The logo needed to represent the following characteristics:

  • flexible in use and storage
  • surprisingly variety of applications
  • solid and elegant
  • sustainable and reusable
  • an international pay-off

the graphic part of the job
Out of different proposals, a clear combination was chosen consisting a robust lowercase letter with a shape that stands for infinity. The logo is plain and straightforward, but has a depth that creates an architectural appearance. By eliminating spot colour or full colour elements, the solidity and elegance of the product are emphasized.

With this logo business cards and product data sheet were made.

Business cards and job descriptions
Instead of the usual job descriptions, representatives of konfigur will carry business cards saying ‘Your guide in the world of flexible furniture’. After all, as client you need somebody to help you find your way through a wide-range of possibilities, not a salesman!

When designing the launch we chose a simple but cool and sympathetic manner to introduce the table. So no business like photos, but lively images of different applications that demonstrate the versatility and durability of the table. Funny, cool, endearing, surprising etc. For this we made photos of the table in different spaces and situations.

spatial – rendering
After designing the graphic part, we also needed renderings of the table in various versions for the website configurator. From de CAD-model we separated the loose components to use them in the configurator.




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April 10, 2019