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Booth design Veldhuyzen Cheese Sial 2016

Craft and heritage

Commisioned by Dekoteam

The assignment::

  • small booth (two sides open) with a pleasant appearance evoking an atmosphere of craft and heritage by the use of the new corporate identity with brand label and family portraits
  • roof and facade construction for illumination and recognizability at large distance
  • 5 displays for the primary brands

The result:

  • the facade, which is the gateway into the booth, is formed by shelves used to mature the cheese, with the following characteristics:
    • use of tough looking metal racks instead of the ‘closed’ wooden shelves for an elegant look
    • the cheeses are arranged in a random and ‘open’ pattern
  • a prominent place for the family portrait and the brand label
  • application of natural materials and the colors of the corporate identity in displays, furniture and walls

Posted on

September 29, 2016