Launch of new drug by Abbvie

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Experience the life of a patient with HS

Experience area for the launch of a new drug
EADV Congress 2015
Commissioned by oil for live communication

The assignment:

To make this launch work we have to:

  • make sure this skin disease (HS) gets full attention
  • significantly increase of the visitors’ (dermatologists) empathy in respect to this skin disease
  • show the immense impact of HS on the patient’s daily life

The result:

  • the booth is composed of bars that do not fit nicely on top of one another but “painfully”  friction against each other
  • all the black bars show patients’ quotes on the daily tasks that they can no longer carry out because of HS
  • the white bars carry texts in relation to the relief as a consequence of the use of this new drug
  • inside the booth is a LED wall: this digital wall illustrates the progress the patient makes as a result of the treatment with Humira HS®

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May 13, 2016