Royal FloraHolland as domed centerpiece of the market

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Royal FloraHolland – Flowers Moskou 2018

Thé marketplace for the floricultural sector is located under this unique geometric dome

Commissioned by GREENN

Isle booth of 70m2 for Royal FloraHolland at Flowers Moscow 2018.

The assignment was to design a booth that gives a striking view of the following points:

Key message: Royal FloraHolland is thé marketplace for flowers and plants globally.

Tagline: Flowering the world
Look & feel:
The stand must have an exclusive, market-orientated appearance, has to have stopping power / photogenic (= shareable via Social Media) and has to activate visitors to get more information about Royal FloraHolland.
In addition, the design of the booth must meet the following requirements:
  • Visually striking
  • Marketplace look & feel
  • Activating
  • Open character
  • Sufficient storage and catering space
  • Displays for product presentation


Expowise translated Thé Marketplace as:

  1. Deli market > delicacies of guaranteed constant quality
  2. Umbrella-like building where trade and meetings take place

The form chosen for is based on World as in:

  1. an all encompassing ‘dome’ / globe shape
  2. wide view and connectivity by choosing a transparent dome structure as roof of the marketplace

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December 14, 2018