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Business travels souvenirs…

Commissioned by and in cooporation with oil for live communication

The assignment:

Design a booth (68m2) with three open sides, in which the merits of for Business stand out:

  • friendly, open, engaging and unpretentious/modest
  • simple to understand & functional, but with a sense of personality where possible
  • celebrate diversity of accommodations and customers – b.different!

The design should also have the following characteristics:

  • create a ‘home away from home’ in this booth, so homelike and comfortable
  • clean & open,  inducing chats and further conversation
  • be distinctive and draw the attention of interested parties

And the booth must be designed as follows:

  • reusable anywhere over the world
  • it needs to be blue, blue, blue & some more blue!

The result:

We have created ‘the living room’ where everyone enjoys being and above all feel at home:

  • the booth contained cabinets filled with souvenirs and keepsakes reminding visitors of earlier business trips abroad
  • the arousal of these memories made the booth a pleasant place to stay

We made the’s living room main colouring blue so that this colour would stick in visitors memory

  • with the exception of the central yellow bar area, we coloured the booth, including the floor, walls, cabinets, furniture and most of all the mementoes, in several shades of blue
  • the use of these shades blue balanced the dominating overall blue and made the booth more attractive

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April 11, 2017