modular stackable lamp OMA

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modular stackable lamp OMA

 Hand-cast lamp for energy saving PL light
  • this lamp consists of stacked translucent / transparent square parts (20x20cm)
  • the parts are hand made out of glass-clear polyester resin
  • polyester parts are either provided with a dye, or whith small objects that seem to ‘float’ in the resin
  • many objects are suitable for casting, depending on material and size
  • the light source is an energy efficient PL lamp that is available in different heights, accommodating lamps consisting of   5,7,9 or 11 parts( 5Watt, 9Watt or 11Watt) all fit in the same socket in the base

the OMA lamp was finalist in the International Design Competition Energy saving lights “Lights of the Future” in 2002




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februari 15, 2016